What is Crimsafe?

crimsafe.gifThe most effective security screen in the world custom-made for your castle right here on Oahu for both residential and commercial application. The major difference between the Crimsafe screens and any other security/storm screens on the market is Crimsafe’s proprietary “Screw Clamp” design that sinks its serrated jaw frame into the 304 Tensile-Tuff stainless screen mesh (like a vice-like grip) once the screws are fastened into the frame during production. This design affords for maximum performance and protection.

The added benefits of the Crimsafe Security/Storm screens besides protection are:

  • Performs as a sunshade reducing Solar Heat Gain Reduction by 52%
  • Provides unhindfed visibility and does not look like a security screen
  • Ventilates without compromising safety
  • No need for your insect screens

Crimsafe is available in the following style configurations


  • Single hinged and French Door Style (double-doors)
  • Sliding Patio
  • Window Screen
  • Fixed Build Out
  • Safe-S-Capes (Opens for Egress)

Patio Enclosure

  • Balustrade & Pool Fencing

Commercial Systems

  • Available in all the above styles except made with 60% thicker aluminum frames and tamper-resistant screws staggered/fastened 1- inch apart

Frame Colors

  • Standard: White, Bronze Powder-coated
  • Beige available via special order

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